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Wuhan Dkoe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd .

Wuhan Dikai Optoelectronics technology Co., Ltd established in May 2004 ,it is a high and new technology enterprise that specializing in develop and market expanding of infrared measurement instrument. Since Since established , our mission is to develop infrared career ,insist on new technology and high quality . also we provide infrared sensor,measurement and imaging technology.
These years , we maintain high-speed growth of products sales, and have built a good supply and marketing network out of the company. Our customers all over the country and the products matched …… Read more



Metallurgical production enterprises not only have very close relationship with temperature, and it is also a comprehensive system of the enterprise, in addition to the special metallurgical equipment……

mental processing

Usually in the production of aluminum extrusion, the maximum yield mainly depends on the extrusion speed, while the quality depends on a mold temperature. With the high extrusion speed……

glass producing

In the glass industry we need to measure the temperature of the transparent and opaque objects. The mold includes an opaque object, the side wall of the dome and glass melting furnace……

Ceramic products

Infrared thermometer is widely used in refractory material factory due to its high accuracy. In the tunnel kiln, there is many measurement points. Infrared thermometer usually works for a long time……

Precision casting

Welding temperature is one of the important parameters of the welding quality control。Non contact infrared thermometer provides an effective technical method for on-line monitoring of welding temperature。

Electric power

Electric power automation equipment control and unattended has become an inevitable trend, at present, to carry out a comprehensive renovation project of intelligent power grid, requires the establishment ……

cement manufacturing

According to the survey at present there are nearly 800 cement production lines, the annual direct economic losses caused by red kiln accident amounted to 20 million, the indirect losses is 300million……
Phone number:400-811-6877、86-27-87509386
Address: Dingye building C block, International Enterprise Center, Optics Valley Avenue, Wuhan,China
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